We offer various group music classes for 9-12 years. Scroll below to read descriptions on the courses.
private music classes (keyboard, guitars, drums, saxophone, vocal class)
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This course is specially designed for bands!

Participants develop their instrumental and vocal skills, expand music recognition & knowledge, learn more about songwriting, performance & showmanship.

In the lessons we teach how to:
● Respect ideas & thoughts of others.
● Be patient with the people they work with.
● Learn to follow a conductor and become one unit.
● Be open minded about learning new & engaging material.
At the end of the course each band will get a chance to perform their own songs on our final show.

This club is designed for participants who already have some experience in music and want to develop their skills. We involve every child in the exciting creative process where they work together as a band and enjoy making music on a stage. Children learn how to play guitar, bass, keyboard and drums as a part of a rock band. They improve sense of rhythm, balance and harmony, strengthen their voices and take part in modern dance performances. Those who have already some instrumental knowledge will be formed in their own bands and work on more complex material. In this course we also teach the basics of song-writing and sound engineering.

To be able to express yourself through music, to accompany others as they sing or to simply sing alone at home.

But, learning one on one with a professional musician can be intimidating at times. Sometimes what you need, are friends around to help motivate and support you as you learn. For that, there are group lessons. Guitar group lessons at Lucky Beat will provide you with a safe, fun and challenging environment for you to learn and grow as a player. Our dedicated teachers will help you and guide you through every step and help you become the guitar player you want to be.

Whether that means you want is to be able to play alone, sing & play along others, play in a band or become a rock star. Come experience the wonders of learning with others in a wonderfully supportive atmosphere.

More and more electronic elements are merging with the traditional way of playing instruments and performing with the band. In this course, we learn how to make and manipulate sounds with the help of a computer, and with use of the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) Ableton Live, designed to be an instrument for live performances as well as a tool for composing, recording, arranging and mixing. With it we're able to produce electronic music and perform it using Launchpads and other MIDI controllers.

This course is also about field work, as we explore recording techniques and often collaborate with other courses at the school. Will sample and record bands and add another dimension to the conventional performance. At the end of each term, participants will perform, presenting their compositions and arrangements.

In this course you will learn how to:
-Use Ableton Live, in depth
-Trigger your creativity in non conventional way
-Operate necessary hardware
-Perform using Launchpad and MIDI keyboard